condensor microfones : 2x Brauner VM1; 5x Brauner Phantom, 2x Neumann U 87, 4x Audio Technika AT 40/50, 1x Audio Technika 40/47 EV, 1x AKG 414b, 2x Shure KSM 141, 2x Audix SCX-One, 2x Audio Technika AT4041, 2x AKG C451EB, 1x MBP (Hau), 1x MBP (Haun), 1x MBP 603A

Dynamic microfones: 1 x Electrovoice RE 20, 5x Sennheiser MD441; 2x Shure SM58; 2x Shure SM57; 1x Ibanez IM76; 1x Audix D6; 1x Audix I5; 1x Audix D1; 2x Audix D2; 1x Audix D4 

Control room size: 45m2, height: 3,70m; volume 166,5 m3, – acoustic concept: CTP (controlled traveling passing)

Speakers 1x Paar Genelen 1039, 1x Paar Genelec 1019, 1x Klark Teknik DN 60, real time spectrum- analyzer 

Mixing desk: ADT 5MT analoge mixing desk with 48 channels

Outboard gear

External preamps  1x Universal Audio LA-610 tube preamp incl. LA2A optical compressor, Mic Shaper 1x tube preamp with passive EQ, Drawmer 1960 stereo tube preamp incl. compressor, 1x Ridge Farm Gascooker stereo preamp & DI-Box, Summit tube preamp

Reverb/modulation effects  1x Lexicon 480 Lars reverb, 1x Lexicon PCM70 reverb, 1x Eventide DSP4000 harmonizer, 1x Dynachord DRP20 reverb and effect, 1x Roland SRV2000 reverb, 1x Yamaha SPX 990 multi effect, 1x Yamaha SPX90II multi effect, 1x Roland SDE2000 digital delay, 1x Korg SDD 3000 digital delay, 1x Roland SBF325 analog stereo-flanger/chorus; 1x Compact phasing „A“ analog stereo-phaser

Dynamic effects 1x Thermionic Culture Phoenix stereo tube compressor; 1x Drawmer 1960 stereo tube preamp and compressor; 1x Urei 1178 stereo- peak-limiter ; 1x Universal Audio LA-610 tube preamp incl. LA2A optical compressor, 1x Urei LA4 compressor; 2x Dbx 165Over Easy VCA- compressor/limiter; 1x SPL Dynamax stereo-compressor; 1x BSS DPR-901 dynamic EQ; 1x SPL Deesser stereo- DeEsser; 1x SPL Transit Designer 4-Kanal-Transient Designer; 1x SPL Tube Vitalizer stereo- psycho- effect; 1x Aphex 602B Stereo- aural exciter; 1x Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture tube based preamp/overdrive